‘Twas a Hot Summer Night


This past Saturday night, Baby’s room felt stuffy at bedtime. I checked the thermostat, and it was 80 degrees. It should have been 73. I double checked the settings and continued putting Baby to bed.

It didn’t cool down. It got hotter instead.

Sunday morning we called our home warranty company to place a service request for the air conditioner. Of course our AC would break on a weekend with a brutal heat wave.

By Monday morning we had to escape. I sent the pup to doggie day camp and ran some errands with Baby. We were home by one to meet the repair guy. When he arrived, he went back and forth from the AC unit outside to the breaker panel in our basement multiple times, eventually reporting that the fan and compressor were both broken.

The good news: With our home warranty, we will only have to pay $75 for a $1700-1800 fix.

The bad news: It’s going to take a few days to get the replacement parts ordered. The repairman told us that we should receive a call from the warranty company later in the day after he filed his report (the company was responsible for ordering the parts). He also said that while he couldn’t tell us to leave… we probably should. I looked at a very sweaty baby and then back to him in agreement. By this point Baby’s room was 91 degrees.










We sought refuge at my husband’s parents’ house (aka Baby’s Grandparents). At this point Baby had pretty much skipped his afternoon nap, but he fell asleep in the car on the way to pick up Sirius. Baby caught some bonus Zzz’s on a detour back to our house, because I had (of course) forgotten my wallet at home.

Back at my in-laws with the pup, Baby ate his dinner and played. By 7:00 p.m., I still hadn’t heard from the home warranty company, so I called them for an update. Baby entertained himself during the call:


I was happy to get someone on the phone so late, but not so happy to learn that the repairman had never filed his report, which meant that the replacement parts definitely were not ordered that day. I also asked about and learned that the home warranty company would not help us at all in regards to being displaced from our home.

I am grateful that we are very welcome at my in-laws. Baby, on the other hand, is not a big fan of change. He absolutely loves visiting his Grandma and Grandpa, but when it comes to sleeping, pack n’ plays are not his forte. So, for the next few days I’ll be holding him until he falls asleep and praying that he doesn’t wake (for the sixth time) as I try to set him down and sneak away. Meanwhile, the puppy barked throughout the entire process for only God knows why.

It’s hard to upload a post while holding a baby, so Thursday’s post may need to be delayed.  Until then, please send some cool thoughts our way!

If you needed to leave your house for a few days, where would you stay?

13 thoughts on “‘Twas a Hot Summer Night

  1. Rebecca

    UGH! I hate being hot and cannot imagine life without AC, it’s easily in the mid 90′s every day where I live so that would not be pleasant. THAT DANG REPAIR GUY! Doesn’t he know that filing the report timely is crucial?! I am sending cool vibes your way and hoping you get an ice cream or something to enjoy at Grandparent’s house!
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    1. farrahudell Post author

      Thanks for the vibes! It’s been in the 90s all week, but we should have a reprieve early next week. The first company decided not to complete the repairs (who does that?!?!), so it took a little longer, but we finally connected with a company that’s getting it done through our home warranty provider. Lesson learned: Ask to speak to a supervisor the first time something goes wrong!

    1. farrahudell Post author

      Thank you! We were still in the house then and Baby had just gone to sleep. I was so excited the twitter chat, so it was a great distraction from the heat!

  2. Celeste @Leapfrog and Lipgloss

    Oh, that’s brutal! I’m sorry to hear that. It’s very hot this time of year so I can’t imagine. My girls are older, but my youngest still can’t sleep anywhere but in her bed either.
    Celeste @Leapfrog and Lipgloss recently posted…August 2014 Love with Food Review, #Giveaway & Free Box!My Profile

  3. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Ugh! That’s nasty. I can’t sleep in the heat. I had the opposite happen once. It was a cold fall day, my baby girl was just 3 months old, and the furnace died! It was -15 C outside and we were little popsicles.


    There… I sent cool vibes your way.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Why I Cause Conflict Between My KidsMy Profile

    1. farrahudell Post author

      Brrrr! I’m feeling the cold now! I’m guessing there was lots of mama-baby skin to skin time. That made me grateful to be stuck in the heat instead of the cold. I’m a wuss in the winter. I’m glad you all survived!

      Now I kind of want a popsicle…

  4. Jessica Dimas

    Oh no!!! Sending you lots of cool thoughts!! I can only imagine how difficult it’d be staying somewhere different with a baby because they like their routines and what they’re used to. I hope you’re not displaced for much longer, keep us updated!
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    1. farrahudell Post author

      Thank you! It’s been crazy, but we’re doing our best to stay cool. Baby’s schedule is a mess, but on the bright side he’s exhausted at bedtime and at least goes to sleep easily then!

  5. Charlotte

    I’m so sorry to hear this–especially since you have a baby/pup at home My boyfriend and I went through this last summer, though it thankfully happened during an unusually cold(er) spell. It took some time to parts to come in however and there were some nights that were completely unbearable. I’m glad you have somewhere to go at least (though I agree–AC repair company should foot the bill for displacement!)

    Stopping in from #SITSSharefest this morning and hope you have a great weekend :)
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    1. farrahudell Post author

      I’m just grateful we had a place to go! It’s been a mess, but hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

      My mommy brain has definitely turned me into a goldfish. Heading over to check out your #SITSBlogging post!

  6. Debbie

    Hot bedrooms are the worst! And tired babies are never a joy, so you are lucky that you had somewhere to go until the air con is fixed. It’s a shame that it will take a few days, but I bet your glad you have home insurance!

    Popped over from the #SHINEbloghop.
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