Please Keep Talking

What's the best baby shower gift? Spending time with a new mom after baby comes.

There are few things better than reconnecting with an old friend. The best friends, old or new, are ones where you can just be yourself. These are the friends who you can spend a whole day with doing nothing together, and afterwards feel like it was the best day ever. These friendships can be hard to find as we get older and difficult to carry on over long distance. Saying nothing over the phone doesn’t quite have the same effect.

I’m frequently hesitant to call up old friends, because I worry I won’t have anything to say. Once, when I was finally able to catch up with a friend, she commented that she’d been doing most of the talking. She seemed to start feeling self-conscious about talking so much, but I was truly hanging on every word. Continue reading

Build Your Own Baby + Toddler First Aid Kit

Build your own Baby + Toddler First Aid Kit! Here are your 8 essentials (plus 3 things NOT to include!).This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after following an affiliate link, Reflective Mama will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

With the weather getting colder and more germs going around, I decided it was time to clean out Baby’s first aid kit. I wanted to be stocked up on the necessities so we wouldn’t end up at Walgreens buying Infant Tylenol in the middle of the night. I checked expiration dates, organized loose items, and confronted the fact that our first aid basket had become a dumping ground for all sorts of random items.

I found my nursing cover, pacifier wipes, electrical socket covers, a gummi crib rail cover, blind cord wrap-ups, a car seat manual, and a variety of baby samples. Other items were first aid appropriate, but no longer needed to be easily accessible (Fer-In-Sol Iron drops, D-Vi-Sol Vitamin D drops, lotion, vaseline, gauze pads, and extra thermometers).

When all was said and done, there were eight items left in the kit. It goes without saying, but please only use this list as a reference (I am NOT a doctor). Contact your pediatrician with any medical concerns and before giving any medications to your baby. Continue reading

The Most Important Thing I’ll Do This Year

My BFF Votes! Does yours? Register to vote & find your polling place today.

ISIS, the war in Gaza, unaccompanied children at the border, and other global and local issues have been weighing heavily on my heart and mind. Hoping to help lift the storm cloud, I asked a friend if he thought it was our responsibility to directly help people around the world.

I was speechless and surprised when he quickly responded with a simple “yes.” My friend was a very kind and compassionate person, but in his day to day life he was not politically active or involved in any charitable organizations. I was counting on him to help me rationalize why it’s ok to focus on my immediate family and personal priorities and worry a little bit less about all of the horrors happening the world. Continue reading

5 Favorite Children’s Books for Halloween

5 Favorite Halloween Children's Books. I love these not so scary picture books for tots!

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Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I’m hoping that Baby will soon agree with me. For his first Halloween, we dressed him up as a precious little pumpkin, mostly because we couldn’t find a baby Ewok costume. This year he will be celebrating as Frankenstein, and I foresee an owl costume in his future.

Baby’s big candy splurges will have to wait until next year (at least), but he’s already enjoying lots of {not so spooky} scary stories. I’ve loved building our Halloween picture book collection, and below are of some of my favorites. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Volunteer for the PTA

Why I Don't Volunteer for the PTA

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If you’ve been following Reflective Mama, you may already know that I am a HUGE fan of Parents as Teachers. You may have also deduced that I am a joiner. I love organized activities and school. I am always seeking out new things to do around town to get us out of the house, provide some enrichment for Baby, and interact with other parents and kiddos.

I always planned to be involved in Baby’s activities and schooling. I have helicopter tendencies and believed that my active participation would help him excel. As I write this, a list of the 2014-2015 Parents as Teachers PTA events hangs on my refrigerator, and I’ve considered volunteering when Baby’s schedule allows. Unfortunately, these lovely ideas on how to help Baby thrive were completely unfounded. Continue reading