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Before (and after) Baby was born, we made many, many trips to Buy Buy Baby. First we scouted things out for our registry, then we went back again for more research. I continued to make trips for essentials before each coupon could expire, plus the seemingly endless returns and exchanges. A few times we even bought back something we had returned a month before (I’m looking at you, Rock n’ Play). Needless to say, the furniture guy knew me well.

No matter how many times I visited that store, each time I swore up and down that I would never EVER use an oversized straw to suck out my baby’s snot. Gross. Just gross.

Yet the aforementioned snotsucker was displayed prominently throughout the store, and many associates commented that it worked amazingly well. They said moms reported that the NoseFrida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator was the only thing capable of replacing the bulb syringe version the hospital provided after the original would inevitably break or get lost (or eaten by the dog, as eventually happened in our case).

Still… no. No how. No way.

Yet when it came to another highly recommended product, Sophie the Giraffe, I drank the kool-aid. I was overjoyed when that darling made not one, but two appearances at our baby shower. A spare! Sophie the First lives in the diaper bag, always ready for teething, boredom, and other fussy baby emergencies. Sophie the Second sits in her box in waiting. While other duplicate toys and books were returned or regifted, this little gem received a spot of honor on the hutch in Baby’s room.

When Baby was five months old, we took our first trip to St. Louis for my great aunt’s funeral, two days after returning from a trip to Florida for a cousin’s Bar Mitzvah. I packed my trusty first aid kit, which included infant acetaminophen and Little Noses saline spray. However, when Baby came down with a cold that included a very stuffy nose, something stronger was required.

You can guess where this is going.

Our original bulb syringe nasal aspirator from the hospital (still intact) was forgotten at home. I once again found myself at Buy Buy Baby. I paced the aisles examining my options. I asked for help, and was told (again) that most moms prefer the NoseFrida. Yuck. But Baby was sick, and I would do anything to make him feel better and breathe easier. I succumbed.

Back at my dad’s house that night, my stepmom (a pediatric trauma nurse), found a still in its package hospital grade bulb syringe in the closet. Hallelujah! Unfortunately, this was after I had already busted out the snotsucker and attempted to use it on Baby. I thought about it, but quickly dismissed the idea of trying to repackage and return it.

Earlier in the day, my mom (also a nurse) had told me that she saw on the news that bulb syringes were awful to use. During the broadcast they cut one open to expose a moldy, icky mess inside. With that story still on my mind, the NoseFrida and it’s easily detachable and cleanable parts started to look a little less nasty.

Baby, however, appeared to hate both of them equally. He’d turn his head away and do everything in his power to wiggle out of my reach. After many struggles, I seriously questioned why this snotsucker thing was all the rage.

Luckily, Baby got better within a few days, and the sinus torture tools were cleaned and stored for another day. That day came when Baby was just over 10 months old, on the heels of our second ill fated trip to visit family in St. Louis.

The snotsucker came back out, but this time with one accidental change. When using the bulb syringe, I had been advised to hold Baby’s other nostril closed to help with the suction. I had assumed the NoseFrida worked the same way.

With my husband helping to hold Baby down on the changing table, I stood above his head, braced for Operation Snot Be Gone. This turned out to be an excellent angle of attack. When Baby turned his head in protest my finger slipped off of his nostril, but the snotsucker stayed put for a second longer… and the tube quickly filled with snotty gunk.

In the process, the nasal aspirator made a hysterical slurping noise like I was vacuuming out his nose, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Baby started to giggle, too, I think because it tickled. In that moment, a snotsucker convert was born. It was magical. And snot filled.

Lesson learned: don’t hold down Baby’s other nostril.

The whole removal process is still not my favorite activity, but it’s now much easier and faster than it used to be. If Baby is really stuffy, I’ll squirt a couple drops of Little Noses into each nostril 5-15 minutes before NoseFrida makes her appearance.

My husband still laughs at the fact that after swearing (repeatedly) that I would never ever suck out my Baby’s snot, that disgusting straw became my must have tool for taking care of Baby when he’s sick. Thankfully, it’s really not that gross after all.

What have you done for your kids that you swore you would never ever do?

6 thoughts on “The Snotsucker

  1. Rebecca

    OMG I am so with you. I was disgusted and appalled by this suctioner. Dylan didn’t get sick his first year of life but the day he started daycare, literally THE DAY, he got sick. And then he got sick again, and again, and again. So after 8457438574 times of being sick and stuffy I finally gave it and bought one and WHOA. Magical, effective, and so rewarding to see all that nasty come out. It’s sick but so accomplishing.
    Rebecca recently posted…Breathing Like My Life Depends on itMy Profile

  2. [email protected]

    Seriously the things we do as parents we never, ever thought we would do. I remember when I was given a thermometer and told where I should use it on my baby and was like, Heck to the no!!! Luckily now they have those new forehead ones. I have to say though halleluiah for snot suckers. I’m a convert on using them too and have used them for years.
    [email protected] recently posted…Man-day Post: Econ 101, Now With More Mexican CattleMy Profile

  3. WorkingMomMagic

    I love my nose freida! I didnt have it for my first baby, and while it did take some getting used to, I have grown to appreciate it! :) #SHINEbloghop
    WorkingMomMagic recently posted…Choices and ConfidenceMy Profile

  4. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Ha! Too funny!

    I swore there were a LOT of things I wouldn’t do as a mama but now I do them. I thought my kids would only eat organic, would never watch TV, and we wouldn’t own one plastic toy. LOL – what a ridiculous idealist I was. I think I wrote a post about that sometime ago. I’ll have to dig it up and feature it in my sidebar.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Shine Blog Hop #12My Profile

  5. Debbie

    As disgusting as it sounds I wish I’d heard of the Snot Sucker when my son was little. He used to get terribly congested in his nose and at times the saline spray was a waste of time. Your little one must have felt soooo relieved when you released your grip on the other nostril, there nothing worse than being all bunged up!

    As my son can’t blow his nose due to medical reasons we now use a nasal irrigation syringe to help keep his nose clear and it’s fantastic! Never thought I’d say that about swilling snot from my seventeen year old sons nose, but it’s helped reduce infections and stopped his face from getting all puffed up, which is great.

    Popped over from the #SHINEbloghop.
    Debbie recently posted…My Word Of The Week Is…Enlightened!My Profile

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