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Mama's Wish List. What do you want for Mother's Day? |

With Mother’s Day nearly here, I’m feeling a little conflicted. This time last year I was pregnant and had just a taste of celebrating being a mother. Now a full fledged new mom, part of me wants Mother’s Day to be all about me. Yet when I look a little deeper, what I’m really craving is some “me time” on a much more regular basis, which I’m working to arrange.

Instead, this Sunday, I really want to pay homage to the moms who have spent years (decades!) of love, sweat, blood and tears raising little (and not so little) ones. They have nurtured the all of the loved ones in my life and made me who I am today, inspiring and coaching me into being the best mom I can be.

While that may be my intention for Mother’s Day itself, the incessant ads everywhere I look led me to indulge in a little eye candy. The only Mother’s Day gift I truly want is to spend time with my family (and maybe hit up a favorite coffee shop). Still, wanted to share some fun things I’ve seen recently that just might make it onto my actual shopping list in the future.

Mama's Wish List: FEED Diaper Bag |

FEED Diaper Bag. I have been huge fan of FEED Projects for years. Similar to TOMS, for every item you purchase they make a donation to help feed hungry children. However, the bags are pricey, and I haven’t loved one enough to make a purchase… until now. I first saw this bag on my Instagram feed a couple days ago and I’m smitten. It’s the perfect tote to carry everything my growing baby boy might need on the go.

Mama's Wish List: I Just Want to Be Alone |

I Just Want to Be Alone. I’m laughing (and commiserating) just from reading the title. The sequel to I Just Want to Pee Alone, this book is a compilation of 37 short stories about each author’s desperate desire to spend some time (even just an hour) alone. It looks hysterical, and I cannot wait to read it.

Mama's Wish List: Go GaGa Soft Zoo Puzzle |

Go GaGa Soft Zoo Puzzle. What kind of mama would I be if my list didn’t include anything for Baby? This puzzle looks so cute, and I can actually imagine Baby being able to get the pieces back into their spots (unlike the wood puzzles we’ve played with so far). The soft animals look like they would be good toys all by themselves, and Baby would love to chew on them.

Mama's Wish List: Melissa & Doug Vehicles Jumbo Knob Puzzle |

Melissa & Doug Vehicles Jumbo Knob Puzzle. Baby discovered jumbo knob puzzles in our Mommy & Baby class, but I have looked everywhere and cannot find them at a store near me. Baby loved playing with them because he could easily pick up the pieces (and put them in his mouth). I’m a fan of anything Melissa & Doug, but I especially love this puzzle because it would introduce some new words into playtime, like sailboat, plane, and helicopter.

Mama's Wish List: Pandora Love Charm |

Pandora Love Charm. Ok, so this one I’ve actually been spying since I first saw it in an ad around Valentine’s Day. My husband proposed to me in front of Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture in the New Orleans Museum of Art sculpture garden. Ever since, the LOVE symbol has been special to me, and this charm is really similar… plus the pink heart just makes smile.

Window shopping online is always fun for me and great for finding some Pinspiration. Now back to the real shopping tasks at hand. Baby was on the ball and made his Mother’s Day gifts in our Mommy & Baby class a few weeks ago. Time for me to catch up and find a few of my own.

What would be your perfect Mother’s Day? What are you loving right now for your little one or yourself?


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