Cover Thief

From the kitchen, I could hear Sirius digging into our bed. Sure enough, when I got upstairs I found him like this:

Cover Thief

Amused, I took the above picture to text to my husband and started to read in bed. Eventually, I wanted to get under covers. However, Sirius looked like he had no intentions to move anytime soon. I hate forcing him to move, so I slowly pulled the covers up instead, hoping he’d take the hint.

He didn’t.

Cover Thief

By this point, the dog was completely covered. I lifted up the sheets, giving him another chance to escape. No movement.

Fine with me. I’ll take my own personal puppy foot warmer any day.

Of course, I was barely back on my side of the bed when finally started to move. Curious to see how he would find his way out, I grabbed my phone to catch it on video to share with my husband, and now here, too:

After his spectacular escape, Sirius left the room in protest, which gave me enough time to reset the bed. A minute or two later he was back, and I scored an awesome puppy foot warmer after after all.

First a cover thief, then a bed hog. I still love him to pieces.

Sweet dreams!

Do you let your dog on the bed? Do they cuddle sweetly or stage a takeover?

6 thoughts on “Cover Thief

  1. Moira @ Hearth and Homefront

    We let both of ours sleep in the bed…especially awesome in the winter :) They go to bed before we do most nights, so we have the same problem you do!
    Moira @ Hearth and Homefront recently posted…Tallying Up and Moving ForwardMy Profile

  2. lorraine williamson

    It never fails when its bed time frankie my siamese gets on the bed and turns me into the human pillow by laying across my legs. Aren’t pets fun he also is very bossy about bedtime wont go to bed without me starts meowing if I don’t go to bed at my regular time
    lorraine williamson recently posted…It’s still the all time Favorite-Perfect Fall Chili RecipeMy Profile

  3. Sarah Nenni Daher

    Haha, so sweet!

    Kids and dogs are some of the best things about life!
    Sarah Nenni Daher recently posted…Bath Bombs Part 3My Profile

  4. Leslie

    Haha, I know this feeling all too well. My boyfriends dog is like this. I love puppy snuggles even from an 80lb baby, haha.
    Leslie recently posted…5 Things I Love About My CarMy Profile

  5. Kate

    So cute. I love dogs. We have 2 that share our bed. One sleeps at the end of the bed but usually at some point he’ll wander to the top and do his best to get under the covers, I’m usually woken by him trying to snuffle his way in. Doggy no 2 tends to sleep at the top of the bed between Hubby and I unless he gets hot then he sleeps on the floor. It seems he has trained me to sit up and let him back on the bed when he snuffles my face. They are both spoilt boys ;).

    Over from Sharefest. Great video and such acute a cute dog
    Kate recently posted…5 on a FridayMy Profile


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