Coffee Inspired Design on The Roasterie Tour

The Roasterie Factory Tour in Kansas City | reflectivemama.comThe Roasterie is an awesome local coffee roasting plant in Kansas City that also has a couple cafes around town. A coffee shop connoisseur, The Roasterie is one of my favorite local landmarks. Their Leawood store is great for meetings, while the one in Brookside is excellent for working and schmoozing, which probably why it can be hard to find a seat.

A few years ago, I went on my first tour of the roasting plant when I worked at a day camp. This was one field trip the counselors may have enjoyed more than the kids (I was completely enthralled). Since then, the factory has expanded to include a larger coffee shop on site and an event space. Unfortunately, the new room was not completed until after my husband and I were married. #weddingfail

This summer I headed back again when my husband’s cousins were visiting from out of town. It was one of the few places we could go that was both kid friendly and entertaining for adults (splashing around a neighborhood pool was another big hit).

As soon as we pulled up, I noticed something looked different. It took me a minute to figure out the change, and then it clicked. The Roasterie’s logo is a plane, and they have a real plane on the roof. Only now, the plane was elevated above the roof on a track ready to take off, instead of sitting on the roof like it was before. At that moment I remembered about the new expansion, and started to get really excited to see the new additions.

As captivated as I was the first time around, the only thing I really remember was the flavoring room. Coffee beans were porous, so they easily absorbed the different flavors. The room was airtight because if the flavors got into the air of the main plant every bean would taste like hazelnut or vanilla or whatever happened to escape.

I learned that for some serious coffee lovers, flavoring the beans is poor form. Instead of doctoring up the actual coffee beans, it’s better to add syrups and whatnot it once it’s been brewed. I haven’t looked at hazelnut coffee the same way ever since. I still can’t drink black coffee (although I love the smell), but this little tidbit helps me justify my vanilla latte habit.

Anyway, we were running a little late, so we scooted past the store and into the the event space for an opening movie on the company and their roasting process. I learned that they use a very sophisticated air-roasting process which is what sets The Roasterie apart from most other roasters in the world. The coffee was roasted at over 600 degrees, and it looked a little like air-popped popcorn. The plane logo was starting to make a little more sense.

I also learned that the best coffee is grown at the highest altitudes, and only about the top 2% of the best arabica beans are used to make specialty coffee. But don’t trust my numbers, because I was busy wrangling a 10 month old baby.

Having gone from his crib to his car seat, Baby did not want to be held or to sit quietly through the video. The rows of chairs for the tour were only taking up about the front third of the room, so I set him down in the back and we had our own fun crawling around. That was when I discovered the most amazing drapes. They were hanging down from the ceiling (I believe to hide room dividers), and the bottom trim was made out upcycled coffee bean sacks.

Rustic curtains with a coffee bean burlap sack trim at The Roasterie | reflectivemama.comI dream of decorating our living room to look like a coffee shop, and burlap drapes are now part of the picture. Luckily, my husband is on board. His response to installing coffee sack curtains? We’ll need to paint our (currently beige) walls so that there won’t be too much brown in the room. Love him.

After the video, everyone filed into the tasting room next door. The small room was overflowing, so my brother-in-law and I snuck off with Baby to take pictures of a random John Deere tractor and a cute mini plane that was just Baby’s size.

Ready for takeoff! Baby place at The Roasterie in Kansas City | reflectivemama.comWhen a tour of the actual plant began, I wandered around trying to keep Baby entertained. That’s when I spotted this beauty in the now empty tasting room:

The perfect chair reading & coffee sipping! It was upholstered in upcycled coffee bean sacks. | reflectivemama.comI love it, but replicating it might actually lead to a little bit too much brown in the room (I really don’t like the color brown).

Back on the tour, my husband pointed out another gem: boxes and boxes of Ghirardelli cocoa and other delicious syrups.

Ghirardelli cocoa and delicious syrups on The Roasterie Coffee Factory Tour |

And… that’s it. I was too excited thinking up ways to decorate our living room with burlap coffee sacks to retain anything our guide was saying. In the store at the end, asked if they sell the bags. They do, and at $3 a sack they fly off the shelves. I wasn’t a fan of what they had out (a brown sack with a single green line), but my husband works nearby and offered to come back to buy different ones in the future. Sadly, he wasn’t willing to drop in on a regular basis to check out which designs were on sale. You win some, you lose some.

What’s your favorite local landmark? If you could redecorate any room in your house, what would you do?

11 thoughts on “Coffee Inspired Design on The Roasterie Tour

  1. viviene

    Coffee shops are really cozy! Love the atmosphere.. as for me, I love a spa themed living room. =)

    Visiting from SITS!
    viviene recently posted…Typhoon Glenda and what it did to our Home!My Profile

  2. Leslie

    I love that chair! I’m always looking for new ways to revamp my little spaces. I hope you guys had fun. I’m stopping by from SITS & your
    Having a great Saturday.
    Leslie recently posted…5 Practical Tools You’ve Never Heard OfMy Profile

  3. Audrey @ In Shape Cupcake

    OH MY GOSH! I really need that chair. (I’m a crazy coffee lover)
    Just found your blog! Love it <3
    Audrey @ In Shape Cupcake recently posted…Marvelous Training WeekMy Profile

  4. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine

    I am actually terrible at decorating- I don’t feel like I have an eye for it at all. We are starting the process of thinking about buying a house and i have no idea what I will do with all those rooms to decorate!
    That plane picture is so cute!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…MIMM: A Relaxing WeekendMy Profile

    1. farrahudell Post author

      Thanks! He’s a cutie (I’m not biased at all). We’ve been in our “new” house for over a year and I’m still getting a feel for it all. It takes time!

  5. lorraine williamson

    I’m loving that chair love all things coffee and thanks for the history. If you love coffee history check out the coffee shop murder mysteries the author gives a little of history in the stories and lots of coffee recipes I have one on my blog coffee marinated steaks check it. I’m lorraine and I’m visiting from wine’d down wednesday have a great day
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