Build Your Own Baby + Toddler First Aid Kit

Build your own Baby + Toddler First Aid Kit! Here are your 8 essentials (plus 3 things NOT to include!).This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after following an affiliate link, Reflective Mama will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

With the weather getting colder and more germs going around, I decided it was time to clean out Baby’s first aid kit. I wanted to be stocked up on the necessities so we wouldn’t end up at Walgreens buying Infant Tylenol in the middle of the night. I checked expiration dates, organized loose items, and confronted the fact that our first aid basket had become a dumping ground for all sorts of random items.

I found my nursing cover, pacifier wipes, electrical socket covers, a gummi crib rail cover, blind cord wrap-ups, a car seat manual, and a variety of baby samples. Other items were first aid appropriate, but no longer needed to be easily accessible (Fer-In-Sol Iron drops, D-Vi-Sol Vitamin D drops, lotion, vaseline, gauze pads, and extra thermometers).

When all was said and done, there were eight items left in the kit. It goes without saying, but please only use this list as a reference (I am NOT a doctor). Contact your pediatrician with any medical concerns and before giving any medications to your baby.

Are you ready for winter? Update your Baby + Toddler First Aid Kit

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1. Thermometer. We started with a simple digital thermometer provided by our hospital. We took Baby’s temperature by sticking it under his arm, which was never an easy task. Next we had an ear thermometer which was much easier to use, but I hated messing with the lens filters every time I had to take Baby’s temperature. I received a complimentary Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer from Influenster to test out, and it’s a keeper. The thermometer takes Baby’s temperature in seconds, and it lights up red, yellow, or green to immediately give me a sense of how he’s doing. On silent mode, it will be easy to check Baby’s temperature when he’s sleeping to make sure his medicine is working. I wish I had it when he was a newborn!

2. Infant Acetaminophen. Commonly known as Tylenol, I prefer Target’s up & up version because it’s dye free. I love not having to worry about stains in the middle of the night. We give Baby acetaminophen if he is running a fever or has really bad teething pain. When a bottle is empty, keep the syringe! They are easy to clean, but always seem to disappear between Baby’s room and the sink. They must be related to socks.

3. Saline Spray. Little Noses Saline Spray/Drops is my go to product when Baby has a stuffy nose. A few drops loosens everything up to help Baby breathe easy again.

4. The Snotsucker. This baby deserved a whole post to itself. The Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator lets me suck Baby’s snot out of his nose so that he can breathe enough to nurse or fall asleep comfortably. If he’s stuffy, I’ll use saline spray 5-15 minutes before the snotsucker. I always keep a box of extra filters in the first aid kit because that is one thing I never want to run out of.

5. Healing Balm. I love the organic healing balm by The Honest Company because it’s made from organic plant extracts and is super gentle on Baby’s skin. I use it when he gets dry skin anywhere or to prevent skin irritations (especially on Baby’s chin from drool or around his nose when he has a cold).

6. Diaper Rash Cream. I love Desitin’s Rapid Relief cream (the blue box). I use it whenever Baby’s tush starts to look a little red. This cream creates a barrier to protect Baby from further irritation, so that his skin can focus on healing quickly.

7. Vitamin Drops. Our pediatrician put Baby on Vitamin D drops when he was two weeks old because breastmilk is a poor source of this important vitamin. I know there is some controversy around this, but we chose to go the supplement route. At nine months old, Baby had low iron, so we added Fer-In-Sol to his vitamin cocktail. At a year old, Baby’s iron levels were up and he was eating a variety of foods. Our pediatrician transitioned baby to Poly-Vi-Sol so that he’ll still get Vitamin D, plus additional vitamins for good measure now that he’s nursing less and less. We chose the version with Iron just to be safe.

8. Hand Sanitizer. Washing hands with soap and water is always best, so I try to use hand sanitizer sparingly. Still, I like to have a bottle of Purell on hand for germy emergencies.

Bonus: Teethers. Ok, so teethers are not in our actual first aid kit. We keep two or three of the small liquid-filled ones from Target or Carters on the top shelf of our refrigerator (never freeze them). They are perfect for little hands and mouths. We also keep Sophie the Giraffe nearby at all times.

Baby + Toddler First Aid Kit: What NOT to Include

1. Band-Aids. Yes, they’re cute. I want the kid ones just so I can sneak some (Neon colors! Batman!). However, they are also a major choking hazard. Save band-aids for preschoolers. They will want one for EVERYTHING.

2. Teething Gels. We never used teething gels because they don’t last for very long. I also didn’t want Baby to swallow the medicine over and over again.

3. Cold and Allergy Meds. Decongestants are not safe for little ones. Contact your pediatrician with any concerns or questions about baby colds and allergies.

Last but not least, I moved the updated first aid kit from Baby’s dresser to the top of his closet. He’s already climbing and can reach the top of his dresser without any assistance. I want the basket to be easily accessible to me, but as far away from him as possible. Safety first!

What did I forget? What would you include in your Baby + Toddler First Aid Kit?

Be a prepared, Mama! Build your own Baby + Toddler First Aid Kit.

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9 thoughts on “Build Your Own Baby + Toddler First Aid Kit

  1. Ana Lynn

    Great recommendations Farrah! I’ve shared this for anyone looking to make their own first aid kit!
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  2. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Ooooh, yes, this is a great time of year to refresh that first aid kit.

    Great list! Thanks for sharing.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…You’re Doing WHAT?!My Profile

  3. Becca

    We have children’s/infant Motrin only (brand name) only. Did you know that a majority of pain relief has high fructose corn syrup in it to sweeten it? Motrin doesn’t. They use sucrolose.

    1. farrahudell Post author

      So good to know, thank you! I started trolling the ingredients list and noticed more brands are writing no high fructose corn syrup on the front of the boxes (most contain sucrose). I’m guessing this became a thing?

  4. karen

    these are great things to have in a first aid kit. My hubby is king of making sure we have a first aid kit in our house and in each car.
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