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Baby Storytime at our local library - perfect for Baby (and for sneaking in some adult time, too) |

Baby Storytime at our local library has become one of our favorite haunts. The storytime we go to is geared for newborns to two year olds, but they have different programs for all age groups. We might be regulars now, but after our first day I almost never went back. I thought the storytime wasn’t interactive enough for Baby. But I ended up giving it a couple more tries, and now I’m hooked.

Here’s the setup: A children’s librarian leads us through fingerplays, songs, and rhymes to sing with our babies. She has lots of props: puppets, toys, and other fun thingamajigs to act out the words, and a powerpoint of rhymes and lyrics for the parents. There are chairs arranged in a U shape around the librarian, but I always sit on the floor with Baby close to the front so that he has a good view. After our first session, I realized that I could up the interaction factor by singing and playing with Baby to help keep him engaged. I sit him sideways in my lap, so that he can look at both my face and the librarian during the songs. If you go, sing! The more parents participate, the more fun it is for everyone.

After about 20 minutes, the librarian pulls out a few boxes of toys, puppets, and books and puts them out the middle of the room. A baby and toddler free for all ensues. I left at this point the first time around (germs ick!… plus Baby wasn’t as mobile or into toys as he is now), but that was my biggest mistake. Staying for the playtime gave Baby a chance to hang out with his own kind and me the opportunity to connect with other parents. This became one of the best perks of Baby Storytime – some unexpected and much appreciated adult interaction.

Going to Baby Storytime got us to the library on a set day every week, which helped add some routine to my schedule. I always had my own books to return and check out, and it was chaotic trying to run to the library every time a hold was available. Between their huge in-house selection, the interlibrary loan program, and the ability to suggest books for purchase, it’s rare that I can’t find the book, CD, or movie I’m looking for. But the library will keep a hold for me for up to a week, and thus the routine settled into place. It also helped that our local branch is right next to Target… but that’s another post.

Have you been to a Baby Storytime near you? How do you like the program?

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