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Cover Thief

From the kitchen, I could hear Sirius digging into our bed. Sure enough, when I got upstairs I found him like this:

Cover Thief

Amused, I took the above picture to text to my husband and started to read in bed. Eventually, I wanted to get under covers. However, Sirius looked like he had no intentions to move anytime soon. I hate forcing him to move, so I slowly pulled the covers up instead, hoping he’d take the hint. Continue reading

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City


LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City ~ The perfect playtime for kids of all ages! It's an excellent indoor activity for any time of year.

My husband has always loved Legos, and has wanted to visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City since it opened a few years ago. When Baby finally dropped his morning nap, we were excited to take him with us for a visit.

While my husband grew up playing with Legos, I was less of a fan. I looked forward to watching him enjoy the day but didn’t really expect to love it myself. Lo and behold, after an hour and a half of Lego play, wonder, and adventure, I was having so much fun that I wanted to stay for longer. Unfortunately, nap time called. Continue reading

Planner Love

Love this Plum Paper Planner! Customize your cover, start month, weekly spread, additional pages, and more!

To indulge in my love of paper, color, stickers, and planning, I recently splurged on a Plum Paper Family Planner. I hope to spend 2015 enjoying life and focusing on simple pleasures. For me, this means prioritizing time with family, keeping in touch with friends, and making time for learning, crafting, and volunteering. Investing in a special planner to beautify these priorities fit perfectly into these 2015 resolutions. Continue reading

St. Louis Toddler Adventures {Part 2}

Top St. Louis Toddler Activities: The Magic House, Butterfly House, and St. Louis Carousel at Faust Park.

Baby and I took a Thanksgiving trip to St. Louis, where “we” deliciously indulged in some dream pie, oreo cake, gooey butter cake and gooey butter cookies. Between sweets, I tried to keep Baby active and entertained as we worked our way through St. Louis’s top toddler attractions.

Our early excursions included visiting our animal friends at the incredible St. Louis Zoo and searching for paranormal activity at the haunted Lemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn {see Part 1}. Later in the week we made it to a few more toddler fun zones: The Magic House, Butterfly House, and St. Louis Carousel. All three kept Baby very busy, which is why most of the pictures caught the back of Baby’s head. Continue reading

It. Was. Awful.

Dog shaming: Puppy escaped and rolled around in poop.

I interrupt today’s regularly scheduled post with a story from my day that I needed to share.

Sirius had been outside for 30-45 minutes give or take, as we were having some the freakishly nice weather for December (it was in the low 50s). I went to let him in, but he wasn’t there.

Oh no. Dread immediately set in. Continue reading